Provide chinese tuina therapy (asynchronous e-learning + classroom) 推拿按摩

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Provide chinese tuina therapy (asynchronous e-learning + classroom) 推拿按摩

Course Overview

At the end of this course, learners will have the knowledge and application skills in providing ChineseTuinaTherapy to improve customer’s wellbeing through aches and tension relief, increase in metabolic rates and relaxation and be able to apply them at the workplace.

What You Will Learn?

 Project professional image, ensure a safe and hygienic workplace, provide a suitable environment for the Chinese Tuina treatment by combining stroking, kneading, friction, acupress and stretching techniques to promote general relaxation, improved circulation, relief from muscle tension, restored flexibility, and the elimination of waste products in the tissues.

Consult with client to confirm suitability for treatment including contraindication, benefits & effects, review & update client profile manipulation techniques to apply on sinew channels for a safe and effective practice. And finally to recommend suitable aftercare advice to sustain the effects of treatment  For more details of course delivery, click here

按摩前准备工作 — 个人仪表和卫生,和感染预防;查看和更新顾客资料的重要性, 以及顾客的按摩前的认知;
按摩后— 为顾客提供按摩后的保健建议及按摩室的清理工作程序。

Admission Requirements

Secondary education.


Provide Chinese Tuina Therapy

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