Message from Principal

With a history of more than 10 years, SOHA as a School of Healing Arts, offers quality vocational and academic education programme in traditional and complementary medicine. . We are accredited with several overseas institutions renowned for their specialist courses. We bring you "A Journey of Rediscovery" to unfold the wonders of traditional Healing Arts such as Chinese Massotherapy, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Ayuverda, Reflexology, Swedish/Holistic Massage and Sports Therapy.

We hold dear to our values of Trust, Passion, Inspiring and Genuine in an environment conducive to student learning and to foster a right balance for positive group learning. We are committed to take you on an inspiring journey with us, where you will continuously discover, master, and empower the healing wonders of the Healing Arts.

Our teachers and lecturers are selected based on their subject matter expertise, experience and dedication. We have both full-time and part-time trainers and instructors to provide the best for our learners in their aspirations to achieve their dreams and ambitions. We strive to create a (w)holistic environment to constantly uncover and rediscover the wonders of traditional and complementary medicine.

As an institution, we believe in a community of sharing. Inspiried by the rich and culturally deep-rooted knowledge of the various forms of the Healing Arts, we want everybody to experience as a way of life, through our enrichment programmes, activities and international exchanges with foreign institutions and organisations.

Through this journey, we will empower each individual the mastery of Healing Arts, so that in turn, they will be empowered to help improve the overall physical and spiritual well-being of others.

Dear friends of SOHA,

Today, Jun 30th mark the retirement of the WSQ Tourism Spa framework by Skillsfuture Singapore. With this milestone, SOHA will also cease to offer these WSQ modules. To learners that have benefitted from our brand of training since April 2008, we wish you well. We hope that the journey with us has been inspiring and that you will continue to use the acquired skills competency to benefit yourself, your family members, the community and enterprises.

As many of the previously run courses remain popular and in demand, we will be rebranding them under a non-WSQ format and this will take effect from Jul 1st, 2021. We are now in the process of refreshing some of the course titles. The course delivery will also shift to a blended format of classroom and asynchronous e-learning. They will continue to be eligible for course fee subsidy (T&C apply).

We will continue to strive as a preferred partner in Spa and Complementary Therapy education and training. We look forward to your support and encouragement.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Welcome to SOHA.

Khoo Eng Lim